Hello, my name is Jenya Steinberg. I was born in Belarus, former Soviet Union and lived there until I was 20 years old.


Ever since I was a little girl, I remember seeing the world very differently than other kids. I felt every little thing. I was very curious as to why others didn’t feel or see the world the same way I did, so it was really hard for me to fit in. I remember always contemplating the laws of the universe and how things work. Instead of gaining material things, I wanted to gain more of an understanding of how the world operates.


I was a delicate child. My relatives would continuously tell me that I need to be more careful and pay attention to my surroundings so I didn’t get sick. I would make sure that there was no draft inside so that I didn’t catch a cold or the flu. With all of that came Chernobyl and radiation. It was on everyone’s mind.  All of the stories about sick people and the radiation’s impact made me very worried. I started having digestive issues as well as allergies shortly after Chernobyl blew up. Many years later, one of the healers I went to see told me that I should be glowing because of how much radiation he found in me.


Both relatives’ concepts and Chernobyl made me believe that life WAS a struggle. As a result, I wanted to take matters into my own hands, so I began healing and treating myself by using alternative medicine. First, I started out with dieting. I was on an ancient Japanese diet called macrobiotics. It was great while it lasted. Then, I moved on to other modalities. I tried many things including Chinese herbs, acupuncture, hundreds of supplements and so on. I later realized that the diet alone would not do the trick and started looking into energy healing techniques. I met a lot of amazing healers and psychics — some of them helped me more than others. But at that point, I realized that we’re not just our bodies and that psychic and energy healing often produces even better results than physical treatments. One day, I went to see a palm reader and he told me that I was a born psychic and that I would be spending my life healing people.


A few years later, I met my first mentor. He taught me to pay attention to what I feel, how to interpret what I feel, how to see beyond the physical body, and many, many more things. I’m very grateful to Darek for what he has taught me and continues teaching.


Later, he introduced me to my second mentor, my Theta Healing instructor who taught me about Theta brain waves and Theta Healing techniques. Since understanding more about Theta waves, I started seeing and feeling things. My intuition and psychic skills skyrocketed and I became a much better healer.  With each new course of Theta Healing, my consciousness and my abilities have expanded.


And then I came across The Zones Technique by Dr. Peter Goldman. As part of that training, I was introduced to Dr. Fleet’s work. A chiropractor early in the 21st century, Dr. Fleet shifted his practice after having a one of a kind illumination experience. This was the birth of the Zone method, which he used to heal his patients in extraordinary ways. I started using The Zone Technique, and to my great amazement, I started producing unprecedented results with my patients. In my experience, no other technique before the zone healing method has created such a huge shift in people’s health and wellbeing. A key part of this technique is finding the concepts and beliefs that lead to the patient’s ailment. My Theta Healing background and ability to “see “ and “feel” allows me to tap into those concepts and replace them with the concepts and beliefs that heal.


I’m very grateful to those in my life who introduced me to all of these modalities that I use to help people heal and produce amazing results. RESULTS ARE my main driver.