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All the Way with Healy
Isn’t it great to feel healthy, strong, and active every day? A healthy body and mind mean the quality of life, after all. That’s why Healy presents you IMF applications to help you stay fit and harmonize your Bioenergetic Field. It is created to activate your energy reservoirs by increasing your vitality. So you could stay calm and strong through stressful situations during the day feeling holistic health and healing of this device.

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Healy is designed to bioenergetically boost your inner and outer beauty. 


Healy is made to activate and harmonize the energy centers of your body.


Healy should improve the energy flow of your life.

The Healy Editions

A Healy Edition consists of the Healy itself and a group of IMF programs for a specific application area. You can add other program pages to your Healy devices at any time if you need more functionality later!

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Pick the Healy That is Right for You


Everything’s in here: you get Healy Holistic Health and 6 other IMF program pages, more than 120 Healy programs.
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Healy Holistic

Healy Holistic Health includes a Healy, the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle, and 8
other IMF program pages for the harmonization of your Bioenergetic Field
and giving you Bioenergetic boost.
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Healy Holistic Health Plus

Everything’s in here: you get Healy Holistic Health and 6 other IMF
program pages, more than 120 Healy programs.
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Healy Resonance

The Healy Resonance edition contains Healy Holistic Health Plus, i.e.
more than 120 Healy IMF programs, plus the HealAdvisor Analyse app
with the Resonance and Aura modules analyzing the energy distribution of
your chakras in the Information Field.
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Healy is so easy to use!

All these things are already present in your smartphone that you use to operate your Healy. So you need to install the Healy App on your smartphone from Google Play Store or App Store.

“I feel Healy has a positive effect on my body’s energy flows.”

Ewa Nguyen, Naturopath

“Since I’ve been using Healy, I feel I can better withstand stress.”

Stephan Steiners, Sales Representative

“Healy is my quick help when I’m sick. It usually doesn’t take long until I’m fit again.”

Reinhard Peters, Craftsmen

“The Healy programs have been ideal for my minor skin irritations.”

Hassan Al-Jamal, Master-Student

“Since I have my Healy, learning for difficult subjects is much easier.”

Jonas Fischer, Student
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Healy Watch Connector module

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HealAdvisor Bioenergetic Revitalization module

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HealAdvisor Animal

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HealAdvisor First Class Bundle

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HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition module

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HealAdvisor Digital Nutrition module

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What subscriptions are there in the HealAdvisor App?

Currently, there are two separate subscriptions: HealAdvisor Search and
Digital Nutrition Application (DNA).

How does the Healy Watch work?

The Healy Watch together with the Healy Watch Connector Module*, can
measure all relevant data of your body and find the right IMF programs for
your Healy frequency device.

Will the Digital Nutrition Module help me to be healthy?

The Digital Nutrition App finds the nutrients that your body needs from
your daily food. After helping out the vitamins you will feel wellness and
holistic health.