Fascia Blasters

Have you ever faced the problem of losing weight? When you stick to a proper diet and do exercise regularly, but the hated pounds don’t want to go away, to say nothing of cellulite.
And we have the answer to why it goes wrong. Your microbiome and your connective tissue, FASCIA,
have everything to do with your weight.
While the microbiomes role is to perform the final and very important stage of digestion, breaking down our food into the tiniest bits to be absorbed, our fascia determines what gets stored, distributed, and eliminated. The condition of the fascia determines if we can be healthy, build muscle, express the cells to the fullest, and if we accidentally store something “bad” in the tissue.
The good news is that it is easy and scientifically proven to repair the fascia or prevent it from becoming “crappy”. In 33 peer-reviewed and published medical studies, subjects were asked to do body and face blasting using FasciaBlaster. Studies have shown an increase in metabolism and a decrease in subcutaneous fat. Don’t believe our words? Trust the photo after using fascia blaster before and after, thighs, arms, and even face has completely changed, the skin has become elastic and taut.

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Tissue Regeneration

A Decrease in Systemic Inflammation

Collagen Remodeling or Increased Collagen Makers

Why These Tools All Yoy Need to Get Going

There are 3 tools included for a very simple reason–– they are for varying “depth”. That’s it! Small claws for more surface layers, big claws for deeper layers, and the nugget tip for stubborn spots. And it is so simple to use! Take any FasciaBlaster tool and scrub it on your face, arms, legs. It’s best to start at the skin level—push into the skin slightly, then into the top layer of muscle. You will definitely need a massage oil or coconut oil, that lets the FasciaBlaster tools glide easily over the skin. We recommend the
BlasterOil because it has the perfect smell and special fat-burning ingredients.

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The health of the gut and fascia are not the ONLY factors in controlling weight or being healthy, but they
sure are two of the least talked about. So, if you feel like you’re already “doing things right” or you just want to “up your game”, jumping on the microbiome and fascia train, certainly makes sense.
There is a large selection of FasciaBlasters on our site, for example, Face Lift Kit. As says the inventor of FasciaBlaster Ashley Black, face blasting designed to eliminate skin problems, tighten the skin of the
jaws, neck, drooping eyelids.

Fasciablaster Tools

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Whet People Are Saying

I blasted twice a week, one upper body blast for an hour, and one lower body blast for an hour. I used the original long Blaster, but I have since incorporated the Master Blaster and I love it. I lost only 2Ibs on the scale, but my body fat dropped 4%.


I heat my fascia with very warm bath and heat pad. Heat is key. I used the nugget on my legs and then blasted. I am a 2 1/2 year blaster and very impressed with my results. I used the nugget on my legs with the poke and wiggle technique. I blasted over my legs after doing that. It works!!! Love all of Ashley’s tools. They transformed my body!! I canʼt believe I can cross my legs like this and still love my leg


I started out blasting as often as my body would allow. I would sit on my couch with a heating pad, a bottle of oil and blast away. I was literally the most insecure person about my legs, I wanted to be the girl to wear short shorts and feel like every women.I first bought the mini 2, eventually buying the original blaster. I started in March and I had a deadline. I had a concert to go to in May, I wanted to wear shorts, and I did. I am glad I can be curvy and smooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are fascia and cellulite related?

Merriam Webster defines Cellulite as “deposits of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue (as
in the thighs, hips, and stomach) that give a puckered and dimpled appearance to the skin surface”.
Well, guess what fascia is…connective tissue!

How hard should I use the FasciaBlaster®?

Start off light and brisk! You have total control over how hard to use your Blaster, and you should start
FasciaBlasting with light pressure.

Why is healthy fascia important?

Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body. Understanding how to achieve healthy
fascia can be life-changing.