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How I Can Help You

Through my personal chronic health journey, I started to realize that addressing physiological manifestations in the body was only one piece of the healing puzzle. As I started to expand as a healer, I started to understand how emotional and energetic imbalances influenced my well being.

So many of our concepts, beliefs and emotions negatively impact our lives. Most of these concepts are developed before the age of seven. We then spend the rest of our lives dealing with the consequences of their influence.

ThetaZones is a unique collaboration between two different modalities: Theta Healing (trademark)and Zones Technique (trademark). When they are fused together, they provide powerful results. Your results! With my expertise, I meet you where you are in your healing journey.  And, we work together to align you with your full potential.

I Help People Who

  • Would like to expand and grow in all areas of life
  • Would like to improve and optimize health
  • Feel something’s not right
  • Experience multiple body imbalances
  • Live stress-filled lifestyle | experience anxiety
  • Feel insecure or depressed
  • Feel disempowered or afraid
  • Would like to change old negative patterns or habits

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Sessions are offered via phone and video calls worldwide or in-person.  For more information and any questions about scheduling your private session, please fill the form below or call me at (847)436-3696

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Learn A Little More About Me

theta healing practitioners Chicago IL

Jenya Steinberg

Jenya is an energy healer and spiritual mentor helping people make the connection of how the mind and current belief systems influence one’s overall well-being. She believes that each of us has the ability to tap into clear answers in order to understand limiting beliefs and to change them instantly.

Scouring the world in search of the most effective mind-body solutions that would realign her body after exposure to the radiation expelled during Chernobyl, she discovered two very simple, powerful, and effective modalities. The pairing of ThetaHealing and The Zone Technique supercharged her sessions with clients. The feedback received was consistent as clients were reporting powerful and instant shifts energetically and physiologically. As a result, the hybrid ThetaZones concept was born and is now practiced with great love by Jenya. Jenya Steinberg is passionate about helping YOU heal on both emotional and physical levels so that YOU may awaken to the life YOU have always dreamed of.

Theta Healing Chicago IL

My twelve year old daughter has suffered from a dairy allergy since she was a one-year-old. My girl couldn’t eat cheese or ice cream and always carried anti-histamines in her pocket in case of an anaphylactic reaction. Desperate for a solution, we tried Chinese herbal treatments and Acupuncture….nothing helped. We continued to seek a professional to help us. We finally found Jenya! Since the first day we started treatment with Jenya, my daughter was able to eat dairy without issue. We slowly introduced tiny servings of dairy. Little by little, after several sessions with Jenya; my daughter is food allergy free! It is such a relief knowing that my daughter is free from allergic reactions; she is living a healthy and vibrant life enjoying ice cream like the rest of the teenagers her age! I recommend the treatment with Jenya. By working with Jenya, my daughter has started a new healthy life chapter.

Elina from San Diego
Theta Waves Chicago IL

Jenya is an excellent healer; the best in her trade. I am blown away by her ability to ease my anxiety and provide spiritual guidance by assisting me in opening the door to release my negative feelings and thoughts. She helped me align my emotions and thoughts towards the future in a positive and constructive way. With Jenya’s help, I became a more confident and positive person, as a result, amazing things began to happen in my life. With Jenya’s guidance and help, I completely restructured my personal health approach and methods. I really felt the change that took place inside of me. Today, after working with Jenya a few times, I feel significantly better. In conclusion, before working with Jenya,  I was a proponent of mainstream medicine and psycho-therapy. I was skeptical of the alternatives and not open to the power of ThetaHealing. After my experience, I became a true believer. I can attest to the success of this amazing system and to the skills and abilities of Jenya. She truly makes miracles happen! I highly recommend Jenya Steinberg.

Cantor Pavel Roytman from Chicago
Theta Brain Waves Chicago IL

My whole life I wanted to be in alignment with my soul. Because of my life circumstances and the people around me, I didn’t know that it was possible to actually live my dreams or how to recreate a life based on my own design/divine plan. Working with Jenya to rebuild my subconscious mind and replace my own limiting-beliefs with empowering ones, has changed my life. I began to realize that no-one else has better information about me… than me. I am my own guru, best friend, supporter and… I get all information about myself from Creator. Jenya was able to show me how to trust my connection to Creator and to understand that I have a direct connection to God. I LOVED this approach as I began to feel how powerful this “one on one” relationship could be if I continued to nurture it both on my own (by meditating and praying) and in sessions with Jenya. I consistently see progress in relationships, professional endeavors, and my physiological state after every session with Jenya. My shifts have been monumental. I see the work we do together as crucial to my well-being and the “shifts” in my energy are evident.  I have spent time in therapy, life-coaching, self improvement seminars, and read hundreds of books on these topics; NOTHING helped me reset my life like the ThetaZones concept. I highly recommend working with Jenya!

Pam from Chicago
Theta Healing Techniques Chicago IL

I’ve always been a sceptic only believing in things that I could touch. After my first session with Jenya Steinberg, I had an epiphany. I realized that everything that happens depends on one’s view of life; as well as, events and believes that over time have been imprinted in the subconscious mind. Jenya guided me in a conversation with my subconscious mind. It was unusual, fun and something that I’d never experienced before. To my amazement, the physical problem that I was working on went away. I know that there are no guarantees, but after 1.5 years… my physical issue is still gone!

Alexey from Ukraine
Thetahealing Chicago IL

The ThetaHealing seminar flew by in the speed of light. I am very grateful for the exposure to the new and exciting world of ThetaHealing. You are a wonderful, smart, funny, knowledgeable and very intuitive instructor. Thank you, Jenya!

Marina from Chicago
Medical Intuitives Healing Chicago IL

Jenya’s integrity, warmth and welcoming approach created a secure space for me where I was able to move into higher spiritual realms. We explored very important life topics. Jenya’s guidance helped me to gain understanding regarding questions at hand. Jenya is a patient and passionate person. And, her natural talent and moral compass are rare gifts to all who seek answers or healing.

Svetlana from San Francisco