Shungite is a folk remedy. Its medicinal properties are easily explained – it is the only natural mineral that contains fullerenes in its structure.

In this article, you will learn about shungite jewelry and products. Keep reading to learn about its properties and applications in life.

  • Shungite sphere.

A polished shungite sphere is an exceptional healing tool. It stimulates health regulation and leads to the renewal of the nervous system. Thanks to the ideal shape of the sphere, the mineral perfectly interacts with nerve endings, which are located on the entire palm. To attain maximum effectiveness, all you have to do is to slowly roll a sphere in your palms for several minutes. It will massage your nerve endings and eventually make a noticeable impact.

  • Shungite pyramid.

Regular use of a shungite pyramid results in an alignment of organism energy, strengthens the biofield, decreases nervousness, and normalizes sleep. People feel a significant increase in productivity and efficiency. Shungite pyramids can improve your psycho-emotional state, and they relieve rheumatic and spinal pains.

  • Shungite plates.

Shungite plates for mobile phones are an irreplaceable protector against the invisible enemy: EMF. Attach the shungite EMF-blocking products to your mobile phone and forget that your phone is deteriorating your health. Shungite plates neutralize the radiation coming from the device that is always within reach.

  • Shungite bracelet.

A shungite bracelet is jewelry made from natural stones. Even though such a decoration looks expensive and noble, beauty is not its main advantage. After all, the mineral has several medicinal properties — many of which are scientifically proven. A shungite bracelet has many medicinal properties including: cleansing the body of toxins; normalizing metabolism; relieving nervous tension; and alleviating chronic fatigue.

  • Shungite necklace.

Shungite necklaces are in great demand because of their unique properties. Constantly wearing beads made of shungite has a beneficial effect on a person, contributing to the alignment of the overall energy background and self-regulation of the entire body. During work that requires concentration and attention, necklaces perfectly help to create the necessary working environment.

  • Shungite pendant.

A shungite pendant is going to become your favorite amulet for protecting you from EMF radiation, geopathic stress, evil eye, negative energy, and any other danger. It is a perfect solution for energy-sensitive people who feel easily drained.

As soon as you start using the powerful positive energy of shungite products in your life, you will surely feel the results.