“How can you tell if Shungite is real?” is one of the most constantly asked questions. It is a very important issue because only real shungite stones have all of the unique properties shungite is known for.


Trying to increase their financial gain, many modern merchants create different cheating schemes and sell some other black materials under the guise of being authentic shungite. Quite often, they are selling shungite schist, which has a much lower price for sellers. But that price doesn’t mean that it will be cheaper for customers. Furthermore, fake shungite rocks don’t have any positive effect on human health and sometimes can even do harm. Therefore, it is very important to be able to distinguish authentic shungite stones from fake ones by yourself.


Authenticity at a glance


First and foremost, you should know how genuine shungite looks. There are two main types of shungite in terms of the proportion of carbon in the stone’s composition.


Raw regular shungite is a grayish colored mineral. When it is brushed but not polished, it has a dull black color with a grey shade. When it is polished, shungite becomes a rich black mineral with some bright shade. Elite shungite has a shiny silvery surface with a metallic luster.


“Is my Shungite authentic?” When we speak about the different types of shungite, it’s worth mentioning that shungite stones of all types can be authentic. Shungite crystal use depends on the type and can be applied for different purposes.


More sophisticated testings


However, it may be hard even for advanced specialists to discern genuine shungite from a knockoff at a glance.

In order to test shungite with more precision, you just need a battery, a bulb, and two wires. Your goal is to create an electric streamline from the battery to the bulb. One wire should be connected to the battery and the other to the bulb. Now, place a shungite stone or any shungite item between them and connect the wires to the stone. If the shungite is authentic, the bulb should light up.


One more sign of shungite authenticity is the price. Genuine shungite healing crystals cannot come cheap, especially elite shungite.


Shungite is a unique mineral, but only with authentic stones can you experience its protective and healing properties. Because of this, the quality is of the greatest importance. Don’t neglect it and only buy from a reliable seller.