Functional State Corrector

Functional State Corrector and health energy bracelets offers an efficient and convenient solution to maintain health, including both prevention and the solution of health problems, even in cases of chronic diseases or an undetermined diagnoses. Each FSC contains different specific information according to the target for which it was created.

FSC magnetic healing beneficial effect:
– The strutting of water
– It harmonizes the functioning of the systems and organs.
– It offers protection against the negative effects.
–It works as anti-radiation for mobile and TV
– It also carries pictorial information which increases our consciousness and activates our
The plates have been issued in series of colors, each color has a different function.

The simplest way of the FSC use is just to carry it along with. The effective FSC range is up to 8 meters, and its wave blocker radiation will affect the whole house, flat, or office.

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Correcting Any Malfunctions of Living Organisms

Structuring of Water By the Functional State Corrector

The Protection of the Living Organism From

The three main functions of the FSC plates:

Recognizing and adjusting (correcting) any malfunctions (incorrect behavior) of living organisms, without any human interference.
The protection of the living organism from artificially induced electromagnetic radiation, as well as from harmful geo-radiation. So it can work as cell phone radiation protection or tv radiation protector.
It creates harmony between the internal rhythm of the body and the rhythm of the outer fields which is a primary objective for maintaining health.

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The main task of the blue series is to cooperate with the human body, to equalize, restore and harmonize
it on the physical level. All our human cells are perfectly created and intelligent creatures, any cell knows
about all the others, thus it is proven that information flowing between them, which we influence with our

The Lilac series allows using Cosmoenergy channels even to unprepared people (without consecration),
using Gratitude energy instead of the password. Each of Lilac FSCs may be considered as a pre-prepared cosmoenergy session with the accent at some specific problem. They can work on their own – without
any mental work on the patient’s side – passive regime; and in an active regime – when one specifies the
desired result, attaching “gratitude” affirmations and visualization.

The Golden Plate has been designed, re-calibrating the mind, the subconscious, and the body of energy,
but also affects the physical body. All golden FSCs could be easily combined with any others, you may
work with them in all well-known ways: place at some area on the body, do the pumping, drink structured
water and take water procedures.

Mainly deals with the state of the human mind. Generally speaking, Green FSCs help to tune up the
human soul. Green GSCs tune up the human mind and upper chakras with the energies of our Mother

A new kind /form factor of FCSs was released at the end of 2018. In every therapeutic energy healing
bracelet, there will be 8 active elements that are similar to ones used in regular FSCs (where there are 5 of
them) in a silicon coating.
Magnetic health bracelet benefits:
• Each FSC bracelet consists of 8 active elements – 2 elements of each kind (4 various kinds of elements
in each bracelet);
• 8 active elements harmoniously supplement and amplify each other;
• Pose beneficial influence at a majority of human energy centers and meridians;
• Pose soft and systemic influence;
• Convenient and safe in use

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